Sosto Zoo in Hungary

Sosto Zoo

Local nameNyiregyhazi Allatpark
Opened for public1996
Number of species500
Number of animals5000
Address4431 Sostogyofürdö, Blaha L, Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út
PlaceSostoi ut
YouTube usersostozoo
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The Nyíregyháza Zoo (Nyíregyházi Állatpark – Animal Park of Nyíregyháza, also known as Sóstó Zoo) is located 5 km (approx 3.3 miles) north of Nyíregyháza, Hungary in the Sóstó recreation area, which also includes the beach, the spa, the pool, the open-air museum, and the wood parks. Hungarys oldest and second largest zoo features 3,500 animals from around the world, including the countrys only white tiger couple and largest lion group. The jungle-themed Hotel Dzsungel is located on the zoo property in a natural oak forest. Hotel guests can visit the zoo for free.

1974: Nyíregyháza Zoo was opened in 1974 under the name “Nyíregyházi Vadaspark” (Wild Park of Nyíregyháza).

1996: The new zoo was opened 1996.

2006: as conclusion of its ten-year development programme, the Zoo built an elephant house and runway for African elephants. The house covers 600 square-metres, and contains four 37-square-metre boxes, and a 300-square-metre common hall with a small pool. Two white rhinoceros and one pygmy hippo cows arrived along with three African elephants and two Indian rhinos.

2007: The birth of the first Hungarian-born African elephant calf, named Jumanee, occurred this year. Mother arrived pregnant to Sosto zoo.

2009: three Indian elephants arrived.

2015-06-19: African bull elephant Kito (Nyiregyhaza) was born, to parents Jack x Kwanza.

2017: The African bull Jack was relocated to Zoo Basel in Switzerland.

2018-06-16: African cow Kimani was born, to parents Jack x Kwanza.

2020: Jack returned from Zoo Basel.

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2020-10-22Jack the elephant bull (27) has moved from basel zoo and returned home to sosto zoo in hungary. - Elephant News

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