Cirque Pinder-Charles Spiessert in France

Cirque Pinder-Charles Spiessert
An elephant from Cirque Pinder plowing a field, 1914.
An elephant from Cirque Pinder plowing a field, 1914.

Closed down1971
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Cirque Pinder-Charles Spiessert, in Chanceaux-sur-Choisille, France, was founded in 1928. Cirque Pinder-Charles Spiessert closed down in 1971 in Chanceaux-sur-Choisille, .

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1928: Charles Spiessert bought Pinder Circus.
1965: Total of 5 elephants; three adult: Axel, Karin, Fifi, Diamond, Sabu. Fifi was later (1969?) sold to Royan Zoo.
1965-1973:: Elephants were trained by Gösta Kruse until his death in 1973.
1971: Charles Spiessert died, and his children sold the circus to Jean Richard, who reopened it as Cirque Pinder-Jean Richard

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