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Circus Corty-Althoff
Closed down1927
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Circus Corty-Althoff, Germany, was founded in 1853. Circus Corty-Althoff closed down in 1927.

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1837: Pierre Corty married 1837 Louise Dejean, daughter to Louis Dejean, director of the french state circus.
1853: This circus was founded 1853 as Circus Corty by French-German director Pierre Corty, and lasted up to the early 20s.
1866: Pierre Cortys daugther Adele Corty, was married to Dominik Althoff 1866, and Corty let in Dominik as part owner.
1884: Circus was renamed Circus Corty-Althoff in 1884.
1887: Pierre Corty died.
1888: Dominik Althoff died.
1888: Adele Althoff was director.
1895: Pierre Adolf married Adele Rossi (sister to Alfredo Rossi who had an act with te Rossis musical elephants).
1901: Pierre Althoff became director of the circus.
1924: Pierre Althoff died.
1924: Adele Rossi-Althoff was director of the circus.
1927: The circus was terminated.

Adele Rossi-Althoff married Harry Williams. This circus has no connection to the Corty Althoff Circus, that performed in Germany from the late seventies.

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