Schumann Brothers Circus in Denmark

Schumann Brothers Circus
Local name Cirkus Brøderna Schumann

Owner 1864-1908: Gotthold Schumann
1908-: Max Schumann Sr.
1908-1954: Oscar Schumann
1954-1969: Max Schumann Jr.
1954-2001: Albert Schumann
2001-: Benny Schumann
Closed down1969
Place Copenhagen
Country Denmark


Key People -: Katja Schumann (animal trainer)
-: Oscar Schumann (artist)
-: Pauline Rivel (artist)


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Schumann Brothers Circus, in Copenhagen, Denmark , was founded in 1914. Schumann Brothers Circus closed down in 1969 in Copenhagen, .

Comments / pictures1914: Circus Schumann Bros. was founded in 1914 by Gotthold Schumanns three grandsons: Willy (1880-1936), Ernst (1884-1960) and Oscar (1886-1954)
1954: The circus belonged to the brothers Albert (1915-2001) and Max (1916-2004). Albert was married to Pauline Rivel (daughter of the famous clown Charlie Rivel) and has the son Benny Schumann. Max Schumann has the daughter Katja (born 1949), married to Poul Binder of New Yorks circus Big Apple.

1969: The 1969 season was the very last for the Cirkus Broderna Schumann. Albert and Paulina, now separated, didn’t participate in the shows in Copenhagen and Göteborg, and Max and his daughter Katja presented the equestrian acts with horsed rented from Circus Krone. When the season was over, the circus of Göteborg, which had been in a serious state of disrepair for some time, was demolished. As for the Copenhagen’s building, its rent had become so prohibitive that Albert decided not to renew his bail for 1970. Thus, the prestigious Cirkus Broderna Schumann sadly ceased to exist at the end of 1969. Like Cyril and Bernard Mills before him, Albert and Max Schumann took this decision when it was still time, to avoid the prospect of a bankruptcy.

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