John S. McCain Jr. in Cambodia

John S. McCain Jr.
PlacePhnom Penh
ProvinceKandal Province
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John S. McCain Jr., in Phnom Penh, in Cambodia.

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John Sidney "Jack" McCain, Jr. (January 17, 1911 – March 22, 1981) was a United States Navy admiral, who served in conflicts from the 1940s through the 1970s, including as the Commander, United States Pacific Command. McCain played a significant role in the militarization of U.S. policy towards Cambodia, helping to convince Nixon to launch the 1970 Cambodian Incursion and establishing a personal relationship with Cambodian leader Lon Nol. McCain was also a proponent of the 1971 incursion into Laos. McCain retired from the Navy in 1972. Lon Nol's gratitude towards McCain continued, including the gift of an elephant (soon named "Cincpachyderm") too large to transport on McCain's DC-6 (Wikipedia)

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