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Deceased elephants at Ostrava Zoo in Czech Republic

This database list 8 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM Suseela EEP id: 6708 57Born: wild 1961 x Dead:2018-02-21 (14 years after arrival), euthanised abscesses on all four limbs2004-10-04 Amsterdam Artis Zoo
2+ ♀ EM Sumitra (OST Nr.3) EEP id: 201401 2Born: captive-born 2014-02-04Calvin (Chanda) x Vishesh Dead:2016-01-23 (2 years after arrival), disease Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus?2014-02-04
3+ ♂ EM Calvin (Chanda) EEP id: 8612 SSP id: 147 29Born: captive-born 1986-08-11Bandara x Kamala Dead:2015-10-22 (6 years after arrival), euthanised bad legs2009-05-12 Leipzig Zoo
4+ ♂ EM Sethi EEP id: 201104 < 1 29Born: captive-born 2011-03-11Calvin (Chanda) x Vishesh Dead:2011-05-06, unknown 2011-03-11
5+ ♂ EM Jacky EEP id: 9604 9Born: captive-born 1996-07-07Chinto x Malicia Dead:2005-03-25, anesthesia after breaking a tusk2004-10-12 Pont-Scorff Zoo
6+ ♀ EM Sonia (Sona) EEP id: 6709 35Born: wild 1956 x Dead:1991-10-16 (24 years after arrival), euthanised hoof cancer1967-09-10 Dvur Kralove Zoo
7+ ♂ LA Petr I (Peter) 18Born: wild 1950 x Dead:1968-01-05 (3 years after arrival), disease myocardium attack1965-06-28 Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)
8+ ♂ EM Pepik (Joe) EEP id: 5605 9Born: wild 1955 x Dead:1964-01-00 (8 years after arrival), accident fell in the dry moat1956-10-06 Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)

Source for the list of elephants deceased at Ostrava Zoo

Reference list

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2011-03-12 Petr I (Peter):• Elephants from CR and SR (Zoo Usti nad Labem)
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