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Perth Zoo
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Migrants in employment in Australia - Joseph Noble works at South Perth Zoo, he was an animal trainer and stunt man in many Hollywood films before coming to Australia. He left Scotland 40 years ago. Here he is with two recently imported elephants, Tricia and Tania

In 1962 two female Asiatic elephant calves arrived. They were named Tricia and Tania in a newspaper
competition. In 1967 Nancy Le Souef, daughter of the first Director, retired after spending her whole
working life and her childhood at the Zoo. Nancy has some interesting memories of the Zoo as a child.
When Jumbaroo, an Asiatic elephant, was delivered he came by ferry to the Mends St Jetty and was enticed
through the streets to the Zoo by being offered bananas.

Historical notes

Perth Zoo has unveiled its new $5 million elephant enclosure.
The exhibit is three times the size of the previous enclosure and features mud wallows, scratching posts, drinking fountains and new barn facilities.
The Environment Minister Donna Faragher says the redevelopment of the 20 year old exhibit was funded by the State Government and provides significant benefits for the elephants and for visitors to Perth Zoo.
"The redevelopment, the largest capital works project at Perth Zoo for more than 15 years, provides more space, new facilities and new enrichment activities for the elephants.
The enclosure includes a grove of rainforest trees for the female elephants, 52 year old Tricia and 19 year old Permai.
The bull elephant, Putra Mas now has exclusive use of the original elephant yard.

Elephants Wallow in New Enclosure at Perth Zoo, 01/09/2009

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