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Valley Zoo, Edmonton


Address 13315 Buena Vista Road, PO Box 2359
Zip-code T5J 2R7
Place Edmonton
Country Canada
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Valley Zoo, Edmonton, located at 13315 Buena Vista Road, PO Box 2359, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada .

Living elephants

At the Valley Zoo, Edmonton lives 1 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Lucy (Skanik) born 1975

Comments / picturesIn Edmonton, western Canada, the African elephant Samantha and Asian elephant Lucy have been companions for years. They both arrived as orphans only about one year old and have grown up in this northern town known for its tuff winter climate.

The day’s reporter is on a visit at this Edmonton zoo, Asian elephant Lucy is out for a stroll with her keepers. The few visiting children on this sleepy winter zoo-day are following behind.

Lucy 28, has Arthritis, but does ok with her medicines. She is well behaved and participates in stimulating activities once or twice a day. African Samantha, on the other hand, is only 16 and, as her keepers say, has a typical bad attitude for a teenager. At the day for the visit she has thrown a big chunk of dirt on one of her keepers who stands more or less covered in mud.. She also constantly bugs her “mama”, Lucy.

Samantha is kept in protected contact since a few years, which means she is never handled directly without protection for her keepers. When she wants her Feet done she sticks her foot throw the bars and when she wants to be petted she comes close to the bars as well.

They are both spoken to in English.

Lucy paints on a regularly basis and her pictures are at show in Edmonton.

Lucy comes from Sri Lanka and Samantha from Zimbabwe.

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