DSWT Nairobi nursery in Kenya

DSWT Nairobi nursery

OwnerDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
First elephant arrived1961
Address KWS Central Workshop Gate, off, Magadi Rd
Place Nairobi
Country Kenya
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Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-: Edwin Lusichi
(elephant head-keeper)

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DSWT Nairobi nursery, located at KWS Central Workshop Gate, off, Magadi Rd, in Nairobi, Kenya and the first elephant arrived in 1961.

Living elephants

At the DSWT Nairobi nursery lives 18 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Choka born 2020-11-00
  2. Doldol born 2021-11-00
  3. Kerrio born 2021-01-00
  4. Kiasa
  5. Kiko
  6. Kiombo born 2017-03-00
  7. Maktao born 2017
  8. Mukkoka born 2017-09-00
  9. Naboishu born 2018-10-00
  10. Nabulu
  11. Naleku born 2019-07-00
  12. Narok
  13. Neshashi born 2019?
  14. Olorien born 2019-04-00
  15. Rama born 2018?
  16. Roho born 2019-01-00
  17. Sagateisa born 2021?
  18. Taabu born 2020-09-00

Comments / pictures(Please see David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for an overview of all DSWT elephants)

2015-03-17: 33 existing orphans, (source)

2018-11-26: 22 elephants

2020-10-28: 14 elephants.

2022-03-03: There are 22 calves at the orphanage currently.

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