Circus Busch-Roland (Circus Busch) in Germany

Circus Busch-Roland (Circus Busch)


Owner 1971-1994: Heinz Geier-Busch
Closed down2010
Place Berlin
Country Germany
Website Website

Directors 1971-2006: Ingrid Geier (assistant director)
1994-2004: Oliver Geier-Busch (director)
2004: Nathalie Geier-Busch (assistant director)
2004-2010: Filip Geier-Busch (director)

Key People: Franz Adamski (animal trainer)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1963-: Karl Hoeffkes
(elephant trainer)
1963-1969: Epi Vidane
(elephant trainer)

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Circus Busch-Roland (Circus Busch), in Berlin, Germany , was founded in 1963. Circus Busch-Roland (Circus Busch) closed down in 2010.

Comments / pictures1963: A fusion with Circus Busch-Berlin. and Circus Roland-Bremen, founded a new merged circus, Circus Busch-Roland.
1971: Heinz Geier became the Director and owner of Circus Busch-Roland. Geier started as an animal keeper with Circus Williams.
1990: The Circus Busch-Nürnberg (Jakob Busch) was closed, and Heinz Geier-Busch bought the name and what was left of Circus Busch’s equipment.
1994: Heinz Geier-Busch gave the direction to his son Oliver Geier-Busch.
2004: Oliver Geier-Busch gave the direction to his son Filip Geier-Busch, with Filips mother Nathalie Geier-Busch as assistant director.
2010: The circus did not go on tour, the circus equipment were sold to Mario Müller-Milano who will run the Dresdner Weinachtzirkus mit Barbara Rottman, while Oliver Geier-Busch kept the names Circus Busch-Roland and Circus Busch.

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