Paris Zoo Vincennes in France

Paris Zoo Vincennes

Last elephant left2005
AddressAvenue de Saint-Maurice
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Paris Zoo Vincennes, located at Avenue de Saint-Maurice, in Paris, France. The last elephant left in 2005.

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Paris Zoo in Bois Vincennes, has been very fortunate in breeding elephants, mainly because of the bull Siam, born in Thailand 1944, and brought 1964 from Circus Knie in Switzerland. Siam was already at the circus supported in his mating attempts by his trainers Josef Hack and Rupert Bemmerl, and sired two babies there. Between 1963 and 1992 he produced 11 calf's. Mother to six of them was Billy, born 1964, and bought to Paris 1968. She died unexpectedly in September 1992, after she had given birth in April to her sixth baby. Siam also covered Kaveri in February 1988 when she was only 4.5 years. Unfortunately Siam died because of footproblems in 1998, he was in offhand condition in Paris Zoo.

The last elephants left in 2005.

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