Allen King

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Allen King
Profession circus animal trainer
Personal details
Dead in United States
Country United States

Title elephant trainer 1934-1935
Location at Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty Circus in United States

Biography details

Allen King , circus animal trainer in United States

in United States .

Records about Allen King from Circus History Bandwagon at
A major move in the performance was the elimination of Allen King's animal act and the ballet girls from the spec and other numbers. King left the show at Cumberland and his animals occupied the three 12 ft. cages. Other animals sent back to quarters included 9 elephants, some ring stock, ponies, and other lead stock. There was no change in the physical layout of the show. The train now traveling on 30 cars had one in advance and 29 back, which included 7 stocks, 14 flats, and 8 coaches. Train moves from then on were made in a single section.

Although the printed program still listed King's act as did some advertising matter the show's title painted on the flat and stock cars was altered to extent that the word "Allen" was erased and the word "Animal" added so that the title now read "Cole Bros. World Toured Circus with Clyde Beatty Animal King."

Allen King, who like Clyde Beatty had his name prominently displayed in the show's billing and painted on the railway equipment, actually had no financial interest in the show. He and Beatty both were only salaried performers and had no monetary interest in the show and held no managerial position.

The show arranged to rent Allen King and his animal act, 3 elephants, George, Katie, and Barney, ten ponies, several ring horses as well as a steel arena and other props to the Bays Bros. Circus which was currently in quarters at Sullivan, Indiana, being reorganized. Fred F. Bays had opened his motorized show bearing his name earlier in the season and toured it a few weeks before going back into quarters. He took Ray Marsh Bryden into the management to help reorganize. The show, augmented by Allen King and his wild animals and the other animals and props sent over from Rochester, reopened on August 15 under the new title of Rice Bros. Circus. A note in the Sept. 14 Billboard stated that Fred Bays had sold the show to Ray Marsh Bryden and Allen King. Adkins and Terrell had no interest in the show with exception of renting of the animals and equipment. At the conclusion of the 1935 season the animals and props were shipped back to Rochester. King left Rice Bros. at end of the season but never returned to the Cole show. Later in 1942 he had his own motorized show, King Bros. Circus, on the road for that season.
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