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Mary Cooke

From the list of elephant persons Family: Cooke

Mary Cooke
Profession circus artist
Personal details
Born ? in United Kingdom
Dead in United States

Spouse(s) 1862 Miles Orton

Spouse(s) - 1858 William Cole

Country United States

Work locations
Title assistant director 1871
Location at W. W. Coles Circus in United States

Title artist 1860
Location at Orton Brothers Circus in United States

Title artist -
Location at Cooke’s Circus in United Kingdom

Biography details

Mary Ann Cooke , circus artist in United States

Born ? in United Kingdom in United States , daughter of director Thomas Taplin Cooke .

William H. Cole (English Clown & contortionist) d.1858 married Mary Ann Cooke daughter of Thomas Taplin Cooke (1782-1866), of the Cooke's Royal Circus in New York (came from England, toured America 1836 to 1840).

William H. Cole died in 1858. They had a child named William Washington Cole (WW Cole) who was 15 years old when his father died. In 1860 Mary Ann and her son WW traveled west into Iowa and joined with the Orton Circus. In 1862 Mary Ann Cole married Miles Orton (1836-1903) (Orton Bros Circus) on her husband's death but by 1871 Mary Ann & WW had left Ortons Circus to start a circus of their own.

William & Mary's son William Washington "Chilly Billy" Cole 1847-1915 born in NY founded W.W. Cole Circus, made $million, and sold it to two Canadian brothers. He was an only child and married Margaret Koble. There is a book written about him called Chilly Billy.


Total: 1 children

  1. Born: 1847. Dead: † 1915-03-10 W. W. Cole


Siblings through the father Thomas Taplin Cooke (1782-1866):

  1. William Cooke
  2. James Cooke
  3. Henry Cooke
  4. Rebecca Cooke

Mary Cooke s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Mary Cooke
Born: ?


Born: 1782

Paternal Grandfather:

Born: 1752
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:

Paternal Great-grandfather::
Paternal Great-grandmother:



Maternal Grandfather:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

Reference list


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