Stebbins June

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Stebbins June
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born 1811 in United States
Dead 1861 in United States
Country United States

Title owner 1835-1837
Location at The Zoological Institute in United States

Title director -
Location at Grand Zoological and Ornithological Exhibition in United States

Biography details

Stebbins B. June , circus director in United States

Born 1811 in United States dead 1861 in United States , son of other ? June .

Records about Stebbins June from the Circus Historical Society
Brother of John J. June and James M. June and nephew of Lewis June. Co-proprietor, June, Titus & Co., 1833; co-proprietor, June, Titus, Angevine & Co.’s menagerie, 1834; manager, Grand Zoological and Ornithological Exhibition, 1836; American Arena Co., 1837; 1850, along with George Nutter, was sent to Ceylon by P. T. Barnum to purchase a Herd of elephants; returned to NYC, May 4, 1851, with 9 specimens. Stuart Thayer reports he was the only one of the June family to sign the Zoological Institute agreement, 1835.

Records about Stebbins June from A History of the Traveling Menagerie at
1834: manager of Grand Zoological and Ornithological Exhibition: Stebbins B. June

Stuart Thayer, A History of the Traveling Menagerie

In 1838 Benjamin Brown traveled to the Great Kalahari Desert in Africa with Stebbins June, to purchase giraffes. June left a written account of traveling with the animals and his illness resulting from being bitten by a lion. Brown also wrote of his various illnesses contracted while traveling in the desert. Copies of his correspondence are in the Somers collection. Brown & June returned to America with five giraffes, which were exhibited in New York in the summer of 1840.

1851: In 1851 P. T. Barnum and Seth B. Howes imported (9-11??) elephants from Ceylon, It was the largest Group imported to that time. All of them were placed on Barnums Asiatic Caravan, Museum and Menagerie/P. T. Barnums Grand Colossal Museum and Menagerie from 1851 through 1854, although it would appear that one of them died in 1851 This large import was realized in Ceylon by Stebbins June and Goerge Nutter, the latter was elephant keeper at Menagerie Raymond & Waring, where he took care of the two Asian elephant bulls Virginius and Pizarro, who died in 1847.


Siblings through the father ? June ( -- 1861):

  1. James June Born 1809 Dead: † 1862
  2. John June Born 1802 Dead: † 1884

Stebbins June s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Stebbins June
Born: 1811

? June


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