John Herriott

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John Herriott
John  Herriott

Personal details

Spouse(s) Mary Ruth Herriott

Country United States

Work locations
Title animal trainer 1965-1966
Location at Circus World Museum in United States

Title director -
Location at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Red Unit) in United States

Biography details

John Milton Herriott , circus animal trainer in United States

Born 1931-01-15 in United States dead 2015-01-26 .

John  Herriott

Records about John Herriott from the Circus Historical Society
John  Herriott
The gentleman in the center of this photo is Fred C. Gollmar, one of the five original Gollmar brothers, cousins of the Ringlings and owners of their own railroad circus.
Fred Gollmar is seen here during a visit to Circus World Museum in 1965 when he was 98 years old. The photo also shows ringmaster Paul Luckey on the left and animal trainer John Herriott who were performing in Baraboo that summer.

Chris Berry

Records about John Herriott from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at
John  Herriott
Stopped by Baraboo to water and exercise the elephants and John Herriott came up with this idea!
Ben Williams and "Anna May" in front, the Baraboo Elephants with Frankie Brown then John Herriott and Myself!
Years later Mr. Kellner contacted me saying the elephants were for sale so I explained the situation to Kenneth Feld and we were shortly reunited!

William "Buckles" Woodcock


Total: 1 children

  1. Laura Herriott Ortiz. Born: ?.

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Koehl, Dan, (2021). animal trainer Laura Herriott in United States. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 5 February 2023 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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