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Manjunath applies the dark brown poultice to the affected area. This unconventional but effective remedy is known as ‘bajaara’ has been passed down by generations of tribal mahouts. “It is better than calling the vet who uses allopathic remedies.”
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Personal details
Country India

Work locations
Title mahout -
Location at Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu) in India

Biography details

Manjunath , camp mahout in India

Born ? in India .

Ram was blinded in a battle with another Tusker that also cost him a tusk. He was found starving in the forest and brought to the Dubare camp. Ram is a very old elephant and is estimated to be about 65 years old. Manjunath and Pavi look after him. “Ram is like my brother. I tend to all his needs. He is blind and cannot do any work but that’s okay. I still take care of him,” says Manjunath.

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