Tobe at Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)

† Tobe
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1893-03-15
Death reason: euthanised: Executed in quarters
Location:Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)
ArrivedCook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace) 1892-00-00
from unknown
unknown 1891-00-00
from unknown
unknown 1890-00-00
from Sells Brothers Circus
Born: wild
Records about Tobe from Bob Cline
Male Asian Sells Bros. Circus
1890 - Fulford and Company
1891 - leased to Seiber's United Monster shows
1892 - Cook & Whitby Circus ( Ben Wallace owner )
Died - March 15, 1893 Executed in quarters

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