Vijaya at Dubare elephant camp

ID Number:Local id Number: 15 - 
Number: 29 in Database for Captive Elephants in Karnataka - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 56 years
Management:Free contact
Location:Dubare elephant camp
ArrivedDubare elephant camp
from Dubare forest
Dubare forest 1963-00-00
from Nagarhole National Park
Born:1961 wild in
Nagarhole National Park
Capture: 1963
1963: Captured in Dubare forest area during 1963.

2012: Vijaya was accompanied by her mahout Boja and kavadi (mahout´┐Żs assistant) Putta at the annual Mysore Dasara.

Records about Vijaya was updated
2016-12-10: DCEMK_nr

Sources, among others

  • Database for Captive Elephants and their Mahouts in Karnataka
    made 2009 by Surendra Varma, Shiela Rao, Suparna Ganguly and Rajendra Hasbhavi, India

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