Samson (Sampson, Rajah) at Lemen Brothers Show

† Samson (Sampson, Rajah)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1900-04-24
Death reason: euthanised:
Location:Lemen Brothers Show
ArrivedLemen Brothers Show 1892-00-00
from W. W. Coles Circus
W. W. Coles Circus 1881-00-00
from Dan Rice Circus
Dan Rice Circus 1871-00-00
from Firma Reiche (Henry and Karl Reiche)
Born: wild
Records about Samson (Sampson, Rajah) from Bob Cline
RAJAH 1871 - Dan Rice Circus
Male Asian 1881 to 1891- W.W. Cole Circus
1892 to 1900 - Lemon Bros. Circus
( Killed his keeper Frank Fisher on April 9, 1899 in Argentine, Kansas.)
Died April 24, 1900 on the show.

W.W. Coles circus trumpeted Sampson, which it purchased from the Reiche brothers.

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Sources, among others

  • Page 103, New Worlds, New Animals: From Menagerie to Zoological Park in the Nineteenth Century, by Robert J. Hoage and William A. Deiss

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