Don Pedro at Barnum and Baileys circus European tour

† Don Pedro
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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1898-05-15
Death reason: euthanised: strangulated in Liverpool, England, because he was agressive
Location:Barnum and Baileys circus European tour
ArrivedBarnum and Baileys circus European tour 1897-00-00
from OBrien Circus
OBrien Circus 1860-00-00
Born: wild
Named after emperor Pedro I Braganza of Brazil.

Became aggressive in Liverpool, and executed on Baileys orders.
He was hung by a number of workmen (sources vary in how many were needed) with Bailey considered the expert in the matter by several veterinarians in attendance. His body went to the Liverpool museum.

Records about Don Pedro from Bob Cline
Male Asian 1860 - P.G. O'Brien Circus
1897 to 1898 - Barnum & Bailey Circus in Europe
Died - May 15, 1898 in Liverpool, England

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