Albert ( Toomai ) at Los Angeles Zoo

Male Asian elephant Albert ( Toomai ) at Los Angeles Zoo

Toomai and Roman Schmitt 1983, two weeks before Toomai gored Schmitt. Photo: © Wayne Jackson, Canada
† Albert ( Toomai )
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1984-07-19
Death reason: euthanised:
Location:Los Angeles Zoo
ArrivedLos Angeles Zoo 1984-00-00 from Gary Jacobson
Gary Jacobson 1984-00-00
from Circus World
Circus World 1981-05-06
from San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park)
Born: wild
In 1980 someone in Circus World management had a San Diego Zoo connection and brought in Franz Tisch to take over the elephants. Some time later, to the delight of the Zoo Officials, they unloaded two dangerous elephants on Circus World, "Toomai" and "Chocolate". Realizing their mistake both were gotten rid of. "Toomai" to Jacobson and "Chocolate" to the Lowrey Park Zoo (another mistake).
//Buckles Woodcock

1983: Gored Roman Schmitt as he was walking him from the barn to the paddock. Roman was gored through the leg and he ended up selling him to Gary Jacobson in 1984.
Wayne Jackson, Canada

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Sources, among others

  • Bob Cline, Cheraw, South Carolina, United States.
  • Wayne Jackson, Canada

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