Magy (Maguie, Maggie) at Zoológico de San Juan de Aragón

Female Asian elephant Magy (Maguie, Maggie) at Zoológico de San Juan de Aragón

Magy. Aragon Zoo. Photo: ©
† Magy (Maguie, Maggie)
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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 42 years
Dead date: 2016-04-00
Death reason: euthanised: degenerative osteoarthritis
Location:Zoológico de San Juan de Aragón
ArrivedZoológico de San Juan de Aragón 2009-09-30
from Mexico City Zoo (Zoológico de Chapultepec)
Mexico City Zoo (Zoológico de Chapultepec) 2001-11-00
from Circo Hermanos Fuentes Gasca
Born:1974 wild
In 1999, Maggie attacked and injured her trainer. Her owners wanted to destroy the animal, but an investigation found a similar scenario occured with a different elephant that was killed while on tour in Columbia. The Mexican Federal Environmental Protection Agency confiscated Maggie in November 2001 and placed her at the zoo at Chapultepec Park in Mexico City.

In 2009, the Federal Government lost their case against the circus when proper documentation was provided proving ownership. The Aragon Zoo paid three million pesos to keep Magy.

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