This website is owned, programmed and managed by elephant trainer Dan Koehl, Stockholm, Sweden. It is in no way a finished and complete documenation, but has reached a level where at least a visitor can get a rough overview of the captive population of elephants in history and today.

The website was inspired by the American Israeli zoologist, evolutionary biologist and an elephant specialist, late Dr Jeheskiel "Hezy" Shoshani, founder of The Elephant Research Foundation, who was also the editor for the the publication Elephant during a time, when less publications were written and easy to read and assimilate for elephant interested persons. Hezy not only inspired me, but also volontarily helped me start the website and answer some of the FAQ questions from the website visitors, which I felt needed to be answered by a scientist. Unfortunately Hezy Shoshani was killed in a terrorism-linked explosion in a public minibus in Ethiopia in 2008, when the elephant world lost a most creative force and advocate of elephant conservation.

In Asia, especially Thailand, Richard C. Lair and collegues did fairly early an impressing work of compiling records, under difficault and primitive conditions, which even today stick out as very consise documentations and meant a lot for me in order to start taking the first trembling steps to list elephants from range countries.

A major part concearning elephants in Europe and Northamerica has been sourced from and inspired by The European Elephant Group (EEG), and their publication Elephants in Zoo and Circus, written by Dr Fred Kurt, Alexander Haufellner, Jürgen Schilfarth, Georg Schweiger from Germany, and John Edwards from United Kingdom. A very large part from EEGs sources regarding circus elephants in Northamerica are from the extremely impressing work done by elephant trainer William "Buckles" Woodcocks and circus historian Bob Cline, and parts of the database listings of Northamerican elephants has been updated with generous help from The Elephant Managers historian, tiger trainer Ryan Esley, all three from USA, while elephants from Northamerican Zoos has largely been sourced from North American Studbook for Asian elephants (SSP) by Mike Keele as well as African Elephant Studbook - AZA Elephant TAG/SSP by Deborah Olsen. Asian Elephant Studbook, Europe Regional (EEP) was compiled by Rob Belterman, Ton Dorresteyn and Martin van Wees from Netherlands, as well as the African Elephant Studbook - AZA Elephant TAG/SSP by Amelia Terkel, Israel.

Former head for Elephant Kingdom in Surin, Wanchai Tunwattana gave me access to record keeping of elephants in Baan Ta Klang in Surin, Thailand, where I have spent weeks filing the apr 400 elephants around Surin. Regarding captive elephants in Indonesia, I the documentation from Way Kambas by Joanne Reilly, has been very useful. The numerous people behind the Elephant Wiki at elefanten.wikia.com, Gerald Postmas website on Dutsch elephants, Jonas Livet from France managing the database asianelephant.net and photographer Petra Prager from Germany, who manage zooelefanten.de has been important sources of records in Europe, and have all provided a friendly cooperation. A comprahensive list of elephants from 1878 in Denmark has been compiled by a man who I only know by his sirname Henning, in Denmark, which has also been valuable.

Large parts of data globally during the last 10 years has been collected by organizations like Born Free Foundation, discussion groups like Tiergarten-Forum and number of contributors, who generously shared with me for which I am very greatful. Among them is Peter Stolk, Gerjan Siet, from Netherlands, as well as late elephant keeper Gerd Kohl, Stephanie Wroben, Daniela Dunger and Heike Klabunde, all five from Germany, while Raffael de Ritis has helped with elephants from Italy, and Christian Hamel from From France. Jim Clubb and Jim Stockley has also helped with insight in elephant on circus in UK, and captive elephants in South Africa.

Most elephants from East Africa were documented through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. From Australia and most of the information from Australasian Region was sourced from the Asian Elephant Studbook by David Pepper-Edwards and research on circus elephants by Elizabeth Clark. Elephants from Japan have in parts been sourced from the Studbooks made by the Japanese Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums by Yukio Kawaguchi. Elephant survey in Vietnam has been compiled by Cao Thi Ly, and Elephants in cambodia by Flora and Fauna Foundation. Jayantha Jayewardene has contributed regarding elephants in Sri Lanka. Upon initiative from Surendra Varma and others, databases has been compiled over captive elephants from Andamans, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other states in India.

Apart from the named persons and institutions, a number of helpful and people from all over the world has joined me in my efforts and generously shared information over longer periods, as well as all those who has written about historical elephants and their history which would othervise had been difficault to reconstruct, for which I am most greatful.

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