Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset) in United Kingdom

Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset)
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Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset), located at Henley, in Arden, United Kingdom.

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1922: Dennis Joseph Fossett was born, son to Tom Fosset.
1930s: Big Tom Fossett's bought two former circus elephants, Salt and Saucy, from Dudley Zoo. Ivor Ivor presented them on Fossett's Ringland's Circus until dennis Fosset took over.
1952: Long-Tom Fosset was owner until his death in 1952.
1952:His son Dennis Fosset took over the circus. Salt died from a chill.
1953: Dennis published a book: "Elephants on the Stratford Road".
2001: Dennis Fosset died. He was married to Priscilla Ricci. They had three sons.

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