Fossetts Grand Circus in United Kingdom

Fossetts Grand Circus
Fossett's Grand Circus in about 1880 situated upon the Worcester Race Course ground.

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Fossetts Grand Circus, located in United Kingdom, was founded in 1852.

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1852: Circus founded by Robert Fossett 1st.
1880: Labelled as Fossett's Grand Circus.

Prior to 1952, the show was managed under several different names since its first beginnings around 1870. The Fosset family was the oldest circus-owning family in Britain. At times, as many as five generations of Fossetts worked together in the show.

Sir Robert Fossett 2nd and circus proprietor Mary Francis had a son Edward who later took over the circus.
1922: Edward married Mona Powell (daughter of Dr. Powell)
1927: By 1927 it was called Edward Fossett and sons. Edward and Mona had six children, Robert (known as Bobby), Mary, Edward (known as Teddy), Amy, John (known as Johnny) and Mona.
1946: Mona Fossett Powell died.
1951: Edward Fosset died.

The Fosset circus forked into four circuses: Sir Robert Fossets circus (Bobby) in UK, and his brother Fosset Circus (Teddy Fosset) in Ireland, and their second cousin Little Tom Fossets Circus in UK. Another Tom Fosset had Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset), owner of the famous elephants Salt and Sauce.

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