Circus Dominik Althoff in Germany

Circus Dominik Althoff

Closed down1939
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Circus Dominik Althoff, located at Althoffstraße, in Freialdenhoven, Germany. Circus Dominik Althoff closed down in 1939 in Freialdenhoven, .

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Founded by Dominik Althoff (1882-1974).

Dominik Althoff was father to Carola Althoff (*1903, †1987), Sabine, Helene, Franz Althoff, Henriette, Minna, Jeannette, Adolf Althoff (b. 1913), Norbert Dominik, and Margarete.

1931: Dominiks oldest child Carola Althoff married Reinhold Kwasnik, AKA Harry Barlay (1898-1989), and with the help from her father Dominik, they founded a circus (later Circus Barlay, but Carola soon returned to her fathers circus with her son Reinhold (artist name Holdy Barlay).

1936: In 1936, Dominik transmitted the direction to Carola, and to the other son Franz. In 1939 Carola left the family circus, that became circus Franz Althoff.Raffaele de Ritis

1941: Carola Althoff married equestrian Harry Williams (1902-1951) and established Circus Williams.

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