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Joseph Moore Museum

OwnerEarlham College
Address801 National Rd W
Zip-codeIN 47374
CountryUnited States

Directors?-1905: Joseph Moore
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Joseph Moore Museum, located at 801 National Rd W, in Richmond, United States.

Joseph Moore Museum has in its collection 1 elephantine taxidermy specimens with records in this database:

  1. . Received: 1878-00-00 Tippoo Sahib (Tippoo Saib) Species: Elephas maximus
    Born in Unknown Dead 1871-04-07 at Van Amburg Circus

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Earlham College is a private liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana. The college was established in 1847 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). The Joseph Moore Museum is a natural history museum located on campus and run by students and biology department faculty, focusing on Indiana's natural history. It is open to the public (free of charge) and tours are available upon request.

Joseph Moore (1832–1905) had a career at Earlham College that began in 1853 and ended only with his death. He was president and he founded Earlham's natural history museum, which is now named in his honor, and managed to come over the skeleton of the famous circus elephant Tippoo Sultan. The skeleton was later destoyed in a fire in 1924.
In one photo it stands to the left of a Mastodon skeleton that was found near Losantville Indiana which was mounted in 1895.The Mastodon skeleton survived the fire and can still be seen at Earlham College today.

From Joseph Moore, by Anna Moore Cadbury
Joseph Moore was known as a scientist all through his part of the country and was frequently notified of findings of scientific interest.
It was thus that in 1889 some men digging a ditch on a farm north of Richmond sent word to him of some queer bones which they had un
earthed. These proved to be the skeleton of the huge fossil beaver, Castoroides ohioensis, of special interest because of its rarity. It was mounted under his direction, the only known specimen perfect enough to be mounted. A modern beaver's skeleton stood beside it and showed by contrast its great size.

When Barnum’s big elephant Tipoo Sahib grew unmanageable and had to be shot, Joseph Moore asked for the skeleton and mounted it.
For years it held the place of distinction for size among his specimens in anatomy. But in 1895 word was sent him again of an unusual find in digging and he responded with his usual interest. This time he found a large part of the skeleton of the fossil Mastodon americanus.

His enthusiasm was again unbounded over his discovery. Supplemented by another find of the same fossil in Ohio and by a few casts of bones, he was able to mount this huge figure beside his big elephant which dwindled to interesting smallness in comparison. His whole summer vacation was spent in preparing and mounting it with the help of an assistant. The break in his health dates from these strenuous but happy days. These are only outstanding illustrations of his devotion to this scientific work.

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