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Circus Kornilov

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OwnerTaisia Anatolievna Kornilova
Place Moscow
Country Russia


Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
Ivan Lazarevich Filatov
?-1977: Aleksandr Kornilov
1977-1990: Anatoly Alexandrovich Kornilov
1990-2001: Aleksei Stepanovich Dementiev
2001-now: Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov

Elephant keepers
Random literature

Circus Kornilov, in Moscow, Russia .

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Aleksandr Nikolaievich Kornilov (1903-1977) was a sailor who in Samara came in love with Masha (Maria Ivanovna Filatova, 1904-1975), daughter of Ivan Lazarevich Filatov (1873-1956) who had a travelling menagerie. After they married, Aleksandr Kornilov became in charge of the single elephant. According to Taisia Kornilova he had a total of 11 elephants.

Their son, Anatoly Alexandrovich Kornilov, married Nina Andreyevna Suprun, and they and the elephant became integrated in the USSR Government Circus (G.O.M.E.Ts., which later became SoyuzGosTsirk), and another three elephants were added:

1955-07-16: Arrival of the Asian bull Karat (1952-08-25 captive-born in Moscow Zoo).

1961: the daughter Taisia Anatolievna Kornilova was born 19 May 1961.

1966-09-03: Karat transferred to Almaty Zoo, USSR.

1967: Six years old Taisia debuted in the ring 1967 with a one year old elephant with the name Maya.

1977: After Anatolys father Aleksandr Kornilov died 1977 in Moscow, the older elephant were retired, and they received another 3 younger elephants.

1982: Flora, a one-year-old African arrived from Namibia.

1981; Their son Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov was born.

1983: two young elephants two years old, Gerda and Pretty, replaced the two oldest elephant, which were retired.

1990: Anatoly and Nina Kornilov retired in 1990 and their daughter, Taisia Anatolievna Kornilova, and her husband Aleksei Stepanovich Dementiev (1961-2001) took over the circus in Riga, and the Group of elephants.

1991: The Soviet Union collapsed, and Taisia and Aleksei established their own circus enterprise, and they toured different countries with their circus.

1993: Their daughter Anastasia was born.

2001: Aleksei Dementiev was killed in a car accident, and Taisia and her son Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov took over the circus.

2002: After Alekseis death, the African elephant Flora attacked Taisia and Andrei, and was retired to Moscow Zoo, where she later died 2007.

To the four Asian elephants Chita, Gerda, Ranga and Pretty, were later added another two, Presko and Margo?

2011: The elephants are Chita, Gerda, Ranga, and Pretty. It seems the young elephant Margo was added this year, a gift from the Government of China.

2014: Andrei Dementiev-Kornilov married Ekaterina 2014, and they have the daughter Veronika Dementieva-Kornilova.

2018: Kornilov had three elephants. Ranga from India, Pretty from Myanmar and Margo.

2019: It seems that Ranga died in 2019, 62 years old.

2021: Anastasia Dementeva Kornilova show the to elephants Pretty and Margo in the ring.

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