Tsavo National Park in Kenya

Tsavo National Park
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Tsavo National Park, Kenya, was founded in 1948.

Living elephants

At Tsavo National Park lives 129 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

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Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya at 11,747 square kilometers.

Opened in April of 1948, it is located near the village of Voi in the Taita District of Coast Province.

The park is divided into east and west sections by the A109 road and a railway.

Named for the Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park, it borders the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania.

The drought 1970-1971

Tsavo became very dry in the late seventies, and more than 9 000 of the parks elephants died out of starvation, during two years, a number higher than the total number 0f aproximately 7 000 elephants, of all species of elephants, imported from range countries to the western world, since the first imports during the Middle Ages.

Starving elephants, and a dead elephant that died of starvation in 1972.


Daphne Sheldricks orphaned elephants seems to have spread Tuberculosis to wild elephants in Tsavo:

2011-06-28 Loisaba died, one of Sheldricks orphans. The Postmortem revealed that 80% of both lungs had been rendered dysfunctional by nodular whitish material indicating either Tuberculosis or Cancer.

2013: First reported case of fatal tuberculosis in a wild African elephant with past human–wildlife contact: The infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis was confirmed by post-mortem and histological examinations of a female sub-adult elephant aged >12 years that died in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya, while under treatment. This case is unique in that during its lifetime the elephant had contact with both humans and wild elephants. (Source: First reported case of fatal tuberculosis in a wild African elephant with past human–wildlife contact, Tsavo, 2013)

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