Marsabit National Reserve in Kenya

Marsabit National Reserve

Place Marsabit, Eastern Province
Country Kenya
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Marsabit National Reserve, in Marsabit, Eastern Province, Kenya .

Living elephants

At the Marsabit National Reserve lives 1 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Koya born 1997
and possibly other wild elephants which have no record in this database.

Comments / picturesMarsabit National Reserve covers an area of 1500 km2 and consists of a forested mountain that rises like an oasis in the middle of the desert wilderness and is the only source of permanent surface of water in the region.

The reserve has three spectacular crater lakes that provide habitat for a variety of birdlife. One of the lakes, Lake Paradise, is most scenic and famous from early films and writings of Martin Johnson and Vivien de Wattville.

Marsabit reserve is also known because of large elephants like the famous Ahmed, an elephant that was provided with a 24 hour protection by a presidential order. Ahmed, who boasted some of the biggest Tusks ever recorded, died at age 55, and his body was preserved and is now on display in Nairobi National Museum.

Northern Kenya, 560km north of Nairobi in Marsabit District of Eastern Province.

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