Aristide Togni

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Aristide Togni
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born 1853 Pesaro in Italy
Dead 1924 in Italy
Country Italy

Title owner 1880-1924
Location at Circus Togni in Italy

Title artist 1870-1880
Location at Circus Torinese in Italy

Biography details

Aristide Togni , circus director in Italy

Born 1853 in Italy dead 1924 in Italy .

Aristide Togni (1853-1924), was a university student from Pesaro who, in the 1870s, ran away and joined the Circo Torinese, owned by Giovanni De Bianchi.

Togni married Giovannis daughter, Teresa De Bianchi, and together they founded Circus Togni in 1880 and had 8 children. Among these Riccardo Togni, Ercole Togni, Ugo Togni and Ferdinando Togni form a circus ensemble called Circo Nazionale Togni, a title attributed (according to the oral tradition of the family) to a royal decree.

The first split took place in 1951: following two fires, Ercole with his children retired to Lonigo ; Ferdinando Togni founded the circus entitled William ; Ugo Togni left for America with his family at the Mills Brothers Circus. The following year they reunited again with the slogan "As before, better than before" and then split definitively in May 1953, in Rome. The division includes three circuses, one for each family. Thus was born the Circo Darix Togni of the Ercole Togni family, named after the eldest son Darix Togni, the Massimo Circo Togni of the family of Ugo Togni, and the Circus Ferdinando Togni of the Ferdinando Togni family.


Total: 3 children

  1. Ercole Togni. Born: 1894. Dead: † 1958
  2. Ugo Togni. Born: 1897. Dead: † 1981
  3. Ferdinando Togni. Born: 1900. Dead: † 1990

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