Hans Strassburger

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Hans Strassburger
Profession circus animal trainer
Personal details
Born 1911-03-21
Country Netherlands

Title animal trainer 1917-1943
Location at Circus Strassburger in Netherlands

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Hans Strassburger , circus animal trainer in Netherlands

Born 1911-03-21 dead 1965 , son of director Adolf Strassburger Jr. and assistant director Wilhelmine Strassburger .

1943: In the spring of 1943, Hans Strassburger left the Netherlands to work for Circus Busch (Paul Busch) in Breslau. He presented own animal groups and performed an equestrian act together with Micaela Busch. In the same year Hans Strassburger was drafted into the Wehrmacht. After a few months, he was released from the army service and returned to the Circus Busch and his animals.
In November 1943, Micaela learned that she had been reported to the Gestapo. Her private secretary had accused her of favoring Jews.
Micaela Busch decided to flee and left Germany with her son Paul Busch Jr. and Hans Strassburger. This was achieved with the support of the siblings Gilbert Houcke, Sacha Houcke, and Nadia Houcke, who presented their trained animals at the Circus Busch. The Houckes, who came from an old circus aristocracy, had not only the French but also the Swedish citizenship and operated a small circus at Furuviksparken, a zoo and amusement park in Gävle, situated at central Sweden’s East Cost.
The Group from Breslau arrived to Furviksparken in Gävle with horses, elephants, and tigers.

Micaela became a Swedish citizen due to her marriage to Swedish record swimmer Sven Gerhold, but this relationship did not last for long. However, gaining the Swedish citizenship turned out to be unbelievably valuable, because it prevented her animals from being confiscated by the allied forces after World War II.

In the post-war period, Micaela Busch and Hans Strassburger founded the Suecia circus. This was a company designed to lease trained animal groups, either presented by Micaela and Hans Strassburger or rented out without their show participation to other circuses.
Johanna Prantz, Micaela Busch (1913–1969) The Tragic Story Of Germany’s Youngest Equestrienne

Hans Strassburger was the son of circus director Adolf Strassburger his brother was Carl horse trainer and director.
His act was 12 friesian,12 barbary arab,12 lipizzaners,7 danish tigereshecken,high school horses Othello, Boy, Kobold etc. They were seperate acts but He performed a tableau act with 40-60 horses.
From 1943 to 1951 performed in Sweden with Michaela Busch , after 1951 he went to Circus Busch.


Siblings through the father Adolf Strassburger Jr. (? -- ?):

  1. Leopold Strassburger Born 1899 Dead: † 1953-05-07

Hans Strassburger s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Hans Strassburger
Born: 1911-03-21

Adolf Strassburger

Born: ?

Paternal Grandfather:
Salomon Strassburger

Born: 1839-04-02
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Adolf Strassburger
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Babette Wulff
Paternal Grandmother:
Amalie Koch

Paternal Great-grandfather::
Paternal Great-grandmother:

Wilhelmine Kossmayer

Born: 1874

Maternal Grandfather:
Wilhelm Kossmayer

Born: 1880
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Wenzel Kossmayer
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Mina Kübler
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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