Alice (Princess Alice) at Wirth Circus

Female ♀ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) Alice (Princess Alice) at Wirth Circus

Postcard with Alice, postmarked 31 January 1907.
† Alice (Princess Alice)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 65 years old
Dead date: 1941-11-25
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Wirth Circus
ArrivedWirth Circus 1908-00-00 from Wonderland City
Wonderland City 1906-11-00
from Bostock & Wombwells Menagerie (Wombwell No.2 menagerie)
Born:1876 wild
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Alice was bought to Australia by Bostock & Wombwall's Circus and Menagerie in 1905/1906 where she was used in the tour until auctioned in November 1906 when she was purchased by William Anderson for his 'Wonderland City' enterprise located in Tamamara Sydney Australia. By 1908 Wirth's Circus had purchased Alice and I found a report of her in November 1908 of her performing in the ring at Wirth's Circus. By the 1920's reports began to circulate that the now renamed 'Princess Alice' had been the companion of P.T Barnum's African Bush elephant Jumbo in fact this is completely untrue given that the 'Princess Alice' with Jumbo was in fact also an African Bush Elephant. Claims were later made in the 1930's that Alice was over 100 years old. In fact she was in her sixties. I ascertained her approximate age from the article about the auction in 1906 where her age was stated as being 30 years old.

'Princess' Alice travelled extensively with Wirth's Circus until her death on 25 November 1941. Alice was born around 1876 - where I have no record at this stage.

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