Lockhart Jenny (Jennie) an Asian elephant at Orton Brothers Circus

Female ♀ Asian  Lockhart Jenny (Jennie) at Orton Brothers Circus

☨ Lockhart Jenny (Jennie)
ID nr:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀
Dead date: 1928-12-23
Death reason: unknown: in Union City,Oklahoma
Location:Orton Brothers Circus
ArrivalOrton Brothers Circus 1923-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1923-00-00
from Gollmar Brothers Circus
Gollmar Brothers Circus 1922-00-00
from Howes Great London Circus (Mugivan and Bowers)
Howes Great London Circus (Mugivan and Bowers) 1920-00-00
from Yankee Robinson Circus
Yankee Robinson Circus 1918-00-00
from Coop and Lent Circus
Coop and Lent Circus 1917-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1917-00-00
from Gollmar Brothers Circus
Gollmar Brothers Circus 1916-00-00
from Ringling Brothers Circus
Ringling Brothers Circus 1896-00-00
from Samuel Lockhart
Born:* wild
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2012-10-02: corr death year from 1929 to 1928.
Records about Lockhart Jenny (Jennie) from Bob Cline
JENNIE LOCKHART 1896- comes from England to join Ringling Bros. Circus with Lockhart elephant act.
Female Asian 1896 to 1916 - Ringling Bros. Circus
1916 - Gollmar Bros. Circus
1917 - sold to Wm. P. Hall farm
She then toured with Coop & Lent
Cook Circus
1918 to 1919 - Yankee Robinson Circus
1920 to 1921 - Howe's Great London Circus
1922 - Gollmar Bros. Circus
1923 - Wm.Hall sold to Orton Bros. Circus
1923 to 1928 - Orton Bros. Circus
1928 - sold to Wm.P. Hall on Oct. 10th per Hall papers @ CWM.
Died - Dec. 23, 1928 in Union City,Oklahoma

It was not such a happy Christmas this year among the employes of the Orton Brothers Circus, which is wintering at Union City. Shortly after the show arrived at Union City, a few days prior to the holidays, Jennie, one of a trio of performing elephants, was taken ill.

The huge tusker was removed to a shed where she was given every care and attention, and two huge stoves were kept blazing to make her quarters comfortable. Jennie did not respond to treatment and continued to grow worse. Her old trainer, who had trouped with her for more than 50 years, was sent for, but as he gazed at his sick friend, with tear-dimned eyes, he, too, knew that Jennie would never again bask in the applause of the circus.

So it was just a day or so before Christmas that Jennie died and there was genuine grief among the circus employes with whom the big tusker was a popular favorite. Under the guidance of Roy Bates, her trainer, Jennie was laid to rest near the spot where she died, and the circus went into winter quarters.

Jennie was 95 years of age and weighed three and one-half tons. She was said to have been trained in Germany, and had toured many countries of Europe and Asia with circuses before coming to America. Music was Jennies specialty and she was reputed to be one of the best trained elephants in the circus world. Following Jennies demise Orton Brothers arranged with George Schumacher for winter quarters on the latters farm east of Union, and the remaining elephants and other animals of the menagerie are now housed there.

El Reno, Oklahoma, Daily Despatch, December 29, 1928.

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