Maetaeng Elephant Park in Thailand

Maetaeng Elephant Park
Local name Pang Chang Mae Taeng

Owner 1996-: Wassana Chailert Thongsook
Address 99 Moo 2, T. Keudchang, Maetaeng
Zip-code 50150
Place Chiang Mai
Country Thailand
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Veterinarians 2017: Pakkanut Bansiddhi (veterinarian)

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Maetaeng Elephant Park, located at 99 Moo 2, T. Keudchang, Maetaeng, in Chiang Mai, Thailand , was founded in 1996.

Living elephants

At the Maetaeng Elephant Park lives 19 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Bertie born 2013-10-11
  2. Plai Boon Pat
  3. Boonsri born 2018-07-07
  4. Bumbim
  5. Hong
  6. Hong II
  7. Mae Boon Roy born 1970
  8. Mae Jaan
  9. Mae Luang born 1972
  10. May Noy born 1980
  11. Nam Tang born 2013-12-17
  12. Namtaeng born 2010
  13. Nong Mai born 1993
  14. Orichai born 1995
  15. Plai Somboon
  16. Pu Luang (Poo long) born 1985
  17. Siriporn born 1965
  18. Sirnon
  19. Suda (Su Da) born 2003

Comments / picturesMaetaeng Elephant Park & Clinic is located in the beautiful Maetaman Valley some 50 kilometres north of Chiang Mai has been home to over 40 elephants. The park is run by members of the Chailert family and was established in 1996 with just 15 elephants.

Sangduen Chailert has since gone her own way, and the youngest, Ben, is not as involved in the running of the camp.

Over the years family members Boontha, Paruay married to American interior/exterior designer Ken McGregor, Phetrin married to American Greg Sayles, who is in the construction business, and Wassana Chailert Thongsook have been involved in the camp. The mentioned Americans have also played a large role in trying to improve the park.

In 2006 Maetaeng Elephant Park started a fledgling clinic, initially it was for the pregnant elephants so they could have a protected area within the park where they could be monitored, but very soon after it was equipped to take care of minor medical issues too. The veterinary team from Lampang Elephant Hospital works closely with MaeTaeng Elephant Parks veterinary team as well as veterinary students from the university’s.

2022-03-15: The owner of Mae Taeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai made the announcement on Sunday, which was National Elephant Day. Wassana Thongsook, who has been running the camp for 28 years, told Thai media that she has over 40 elephants and needs to spend over 2 million baht per month to care for elephants and pay the staff. She says she’s spent all of her savings and hasn’t had support from the state during the pandemic.

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