Elephant Pox

Definition of Elephant Pox
(Scientific name: Orthopoxvirus bovis)

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Elephant Pox in Liberec Zoo, 1972
Elephant Pox in Liberec Zoo, 1972

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14 Elephants associated with elephant smallpox.

Index Sex Species Name Id Origin Arrival Location
1† ♀ EM -Peggy-

Born wild x 2000-11-00 Circus Baldini
2† ♀ EM -Monty-

Born wild x 2000-11-00 Circus Baldini
3† ♂ EM -stillborn-

EEP id: 9812
Born captive-born < 1 1998-01-17 Ankhor (Angkor) x Kewa Dead 1998-01-171998-01-17 Tierpark Berlin
4† ♀ LA -Konga-

Born wild x Dead 1991 Dresden Zoo
5† ♀ EM -Bombay-

Born wild 1960 x Dead 1990-08-011963-06-07 Dresden Zoo
6† ⚪ EM -unknown-

Born unknown x Dead 1989 Circus Barum
7† ♀ EM -unknown-

Born wild x Dead 1989 Circus Barum
8† ⚪ EM -unknown-

Born unknown x Dead 1989 Circus Barum
9† ♀ EM -Kati-

EEP id: 5906
Born wild 1958 x Dead 1972-01-021961-06-21 Magdeburg Zoo
10† ♀ EM -Eutina-

Born unknown 1959 x Dead 19721961-00-00 Circus Carl Althoff
11† ♀ EM -Sonja-

Born wild 1956 x Dead 1971-07-301960-10-07 Magdeburg Zoo
12† ♂ EM -Con Voi Bon-

Born wild 1937 x Dead 1960-06-211959-10-07 Leipzig Zoo
13† ♀ EM -Kiri-

Born wild 1930 x Dead 1960-05-241952-09-28 Leipzig Zoo
14† ⚪ EM -unknown-

Born unknown x Dead Circus Barum

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Reference list Koehl, Dan, (2022). Elephant Pox. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 20 September 2021 at https://www.elephant.se/index.php?id=215. (archived at the Wayback machine)

Sources used for this article is among others:

  • Elephant Pox in Liberec Zoo, 1972

Selected publications
  • Characterization of a pox virus strain isolated from an elephant. Kubin, G.; Kolb, O.; Gerstl, F. Wien Tierarztl Monatsschr, 1975, v. 62 (6-8), p. 271-276. Language: German with Summary in English. NAL call no: 41.8 T345 Descriptors: pox virus, elephant, strain.
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