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Groote museum

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Closed down1947
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<a href="database2.php?elephant_id=2260">Asian elephant bull Jack</a>, dead at <a href="location2.php?location_id=217">Artis Zoo, Amsterdam</a>

Asian elephant bull Jack, dead at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam
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Groote museum, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Groote museum closed down in 1947.

Groote museum has in its collection 1 elephantine taxidermy specimens with records in this database:

  1. . Received: Jack Species: Elephas maximus
    Born in Unknown Dead 1849-08-08 at Amsterdam Artis Zoo

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The Groote Museum is the oldest remaining museum building still in the city. The Groote Museum was closed to the public in 1947 but is now to be restored as part of the wide-scale renovation of ARTIS.

Among other elephants, the skeleton of Asian elephant bull Jack, dead at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam, is exhibited at the Groote museum.

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