Faa Sai at Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)

Faa Sai
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 15 years
Management:Free contact
Location:Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)
ArrivedElephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert) 2007-11-00
from Surin unspecified Elephant Camp
Born:2002 wild
Faa Sai means Clear Sky in Thai language.

The owner in Surin had bought her in Novemver 2007 in Pattaya. There she stood in a cage, without any space to move around. After arriving in Surin, Faa Sai was in a very bad condition.

Records about Faa Sai was updated 2011-03-11

Sources, among others

  • http://www.elephantnaturefoundation.org/go/elephants/elephant/faasai

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