Deceased elephants at Sakrebyle elephant camp in India

This database list 11 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM Gange Local id: 12 DCEMK id: 82 61Born: wild 1960 Dead:2021-09-26, age The elephant was not well for the past two years
2+ ♀ EM Geetha Local id: 11 DCEMK id: 81 69Born: wild 1951 Dead:2020-12-13 (52 years after arrival), age 1968-00-00 Kakanakote forest
3+ ♂ EM Ranga Local id: 4 DCEMK id: 76 35Born: captive-born 1985
x Geetha
Dead:2020-10-24 (35 years after arrival), killed by wild elephants
4+ ♂ EM Ekadanta 35Born: wild 1985? Dead:2020-10-20? (2 years after arrival), disease cardiac arrest2018-00-00 Hassan district forest (Karnataka)
5+ ♀ EM Sharada DCEMK id: 00 35Born: wild Dead:2019,
6+ ♀ EM Kapila Local id: 10 DCEMK id: 80 73Born: wild 1944 Dead:2017-02-05, disease health-related issues Dr. Shivaram Karanth Biological Park (Pilikula Nisargadama)
7+ ♀ EM Indira Local id: 7 DCEMK id: 77 82Born: wild 1935 Dead:2017-01-30 (49 years after arrival), age natural causes1968-00-00 Kakanakote forest
8+ ♂ EM Shivu Local id: 9 DCEMK id: 9 67Born: wild 1942? Dead:2009-02-00,
9+ ♂ EM Vajra DCEMK id: ? 67Born: captive-born 2003 Dead:, unknown
10+ ♂ EM New Tusker Local id: 1 DCEMK id: 71 67Born: wild 1955 Dead:, killed by wild elephant
11+ ♀ EM Kaveri Local id: 8 DCEMK id: 78 67Born: wild Dead:,

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Facts about Deceased elephants at Sakrebyle elephant camp in India, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2024), available online retrieved 23 June 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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2021-09-27 Gange:•
2020-12-14 Geetha:•
2020-10-27 Ranga:•
2020-10-27 New Tusker:•
2020-10-21 Ekadanta:•
2020-10-05 Sharada:•
2018-05-02 Shivu:•
2018-03-16 Indira:•
2017-03-06 Kapila:•
2016-12-11 Vajra:•

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