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Theodor Enoch

From the list of elephant persons Family: Enoch

Theodor Enoch
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born 1847-09-24 Etterup Rørup, Assens in Denmark
Dead 1909 in Denmark

Spouse(s) Wilhelmine Schultz

Country Denmark

Work locations
Title owner 1880-1909
Location at Circus Dannebrog in Denmark

Biography details

Theodor Justus Campmann Enoch , circus director in Denmark

Born 1847-09-24 in Denmark dead 1909 in Denmark .

Theodor Justus Campmann Enoch (1847-1909) was a musician. In 1876 he married Wilhelmine Schultz (1847-1922) and joined the Schulz family's circus, circus Skandinavien, as circus musician. In 1878 and 1880 Theodor Enoch owned circus Skandinavien in partnership with his brother-in-law Emil Kunckel. In 1880 the Danish king granted Theodor Enoch permission to perform as artist and musician. The same year Theodor and Wilhelmine established their very own circus Dannebrog assisted by their five children: Peter (born 1877), Louise (born 1879), Georg (born 1881) and the twins Johanne and Dorthea (born 1883).


Total: 4 children

  1. Peter Enoch. Born: 1877.
  2. Georg Enoch. Born: 1881.
  3. Dorthea Steckel. Born: 1883-12-19. Dead: † 1972
  4. Johanne Enoch. Born: 1883-12-19.

Reference list


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