27 March 2019
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Kandula at Oklahoma City Zoo

27 March 2019
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Male ♂ Asian elephant Kandula at Oklahoma City Zoo

Kandula. National Zoo 06/2009. Photo: � Ryan Easley
ID Number:   SSP Number: 538 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 18 years old
Management:Protected contact
Location:Oklahoma City Zoo
ArrivedOklahoma City Zoo 2015-10-00
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Born:2001-11-25 captive-born through
artificial insemination in
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Birth weight (kgs and pounds): 147.00 kgs, 323.40 lbs
Parents: Calvin (Chanda) x Shanthi
Siblings through the father Calvin (Chanda):
  1. 1998-05-04(M) Samson
  2. 1998-07-30 -- † 1999-03-22 (F) Annie
  3. 1998-08-21 -- † 2002-08-08 (M) Amos
  4. 1998-11-29(M) Albert
  5. 1999-10-21(M) George
  6. 2001-04-29(M) Johnson
  7. 2003-02-02(F) Califa
  8. 2003-03-20(F) Farina
  9. 2005-10-28(M) Tarak
  10. 2008-05-06(M) Shanti
  11. 2011-03-11 -- † 2011-05-06 (M) Sethi
  12. 2011-04-12(F) Rashmi
  13. 2014-02-04 -- † 2016-01-23 (F) Sumitra (OST Nr.3)
  14. 2017-07-08(M) Chandru
Siblings through the mother Shanthi:
  1. 1993-12-14 -- † 1995-04-26 (F) Kumari
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In November 2001, the 320 pound newborn calf of the Smithsonian National Zoo was only the second Asian elephant in the world to be born through Artificial Insemination, following the birth of Haji two years previous at the Dickerson Park Zoo in November 1999. He was the fifth elephant in the world conceived via the method. Kandula's one hundred percent Sri Lankan heritage would leave him visibly tuskless, as less than ten percent of those males grow long tusks.

In 2010, at eight years old Kandula measured 7.5 feet tall at the shoulder and weighed 5400 pounds.

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