Laos Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) in Laos

Laos Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC)


Owner2010-2012: ElefantAsia
2012-now: Laos Department of Livestock and Fisheries
First elephant arrived2011
Opened for public2011
Address Nam Tien Lake Sayaboury
Zip-code 00074
Place Xayabuli
District Sayaboury district
Province Sayaboury province
Country Laos
Website Website
YouTube ChannelYouTube Channel
Telephone+856 (0)20 96590665

Directors 2011-2013: Gilles Maurer (director)

Key People

Veterinarians 2012-2013: William Thomas (head veterinarian)

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants

Elephant keepers
Record history
History of updates2022-04-14

Latest document update2022-04-14 11:46:43
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Laos Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC), located at Nam Tien Lake Sayaboury, in Xayabuli, Laos , was founded in 2010, opened for public in 2011 and the first elephant arrived in 2011.

Living elephants

At the Laos Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) lives 31 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Mae Boun Nam
  2. Mae Bounma born 1981
  3. Bua Banh born 1986
  4. Dor Khoun Meuang born 2013
  5. Mae Kham Peng
  6. Kham Ten
  7. Mae Kham Vong born >2010
  8. Mae Khian
  9. Mae Khoun II (Mae Khoun Song)
  10. Mae Khoun Noy born 1972
  11. Mae Khram Ohn
  12. Mae Lay Kham born 1975
  13. Mae Boungnor born 1992
  14. Mae Kham Ohn born 1993
  15. Mae Thongkhoun born 1996
  16. Noy born 2010
  17. Mae Noy born 1988
  18. Noy
  19. Phu Noy born 2020-12-25
  20. Noy 2 born 2023-08-02
  21. Phai Kham Sing born 2001
  22. Sinouan
  23. Phu Suriya born 2011-09-30
  24. Mae Thong Bay
  25. Phu Thongkoon
  26. unknown
  27. unknown born 2021-10-04
  28. unknown
  29. unknown
  30. unknown
  31. Xang Phuan Noy born 2011-10-25

Comments / picturesIn 2010, the ECC, a a Lao-French Joint Venture Company, was created and registered in the Sayaboury Province, sometimes als referred to as Xaignabouli, Xaignabouri, Xayabouri, Xayaboury, Sayabouli, Sayabouri. The Elephant Conservation Center opened its doors to the public in 2011.

2012, ElefantAsia handed over its programmes to the Department of Livestock and Fisheries.

2018: ECC signed a Partnership Agreement with the Smithsonian Institution to pursue its scientific Research programme.

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