Muthanga elephant camp (East Wayanad) in India

Muthanga elephant camp (East Wayanad)
AddressMuthanga, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
PlaceSulthan Bathery
DistrictWayanad district
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Muthanga elephant camp (East Wayanad), located at Muthanga, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, in Sulthan Bathery, India.

Living elephants

At Muthanga elephant camp (East Wayanad) lives 8 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Ammu born 2016-05
  2. ,
  3. Bharath
  4. ,
  5. Chandhu born 2017?
  6. ,
  7. Kunju
  8. ,
  9. Neelakandan born 1996
  10. ,
  11. Pramugha
  12. ,
  13. Surendran born ~2001
  14. ,
  15. Surya
  16. ,

Comments / pictures

2016: One baby elephant captured at Muthanga during February 2016 died

2012: 4 elephants.

2017-05-10: The elephant known as ‘chullikkomban,’ reportedly involved in at least three elephant attack deaths in the Aralam area over the past three years, was caught after tranquillising it on May 10, 2017. With this, the number of elephants in the Muthanga kraal increased to seven, including three trained elephants, two baby elephants, and ‘SI Bharathan,’ a tusker caged on November 21, 2016.

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