Circus Carl Althoff in Germany

Circus Carl Althoff
OwnerCarl Althoff (1912-1994)
Last elephant left1981
Closed down1981

DirectorsCarl Althoff (1912-1994)
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Circus Carl Althoff, Germany, was founded in 1938. The last elephant left in 1981. Circus Carl Althoff closed down in 1981.

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August Berno Carl Althoff (1912-1994) took over his fathers circus and developed it into the worlds third largest circus.

He had two sons, Giovanni Althoff und Corty Althoff and one daughter, Patricia-Dorota Althoff.

1950: The circus show three Asian elephants, Birma, Cautni (later at Circus Corty Althoff) and Rangun, which arrived in 1950, or shortly before.

1960: Rangun died.

1961: 8 elephants were bought; 1. Artaida, 2. Carla, 3. Eutina, 4. Mama Dou, 5. India, 6. Patra, 7. Wanna-Manna and 8. Yoga.

1962: 4 African bull elephants added, bought from Firma Ruhe in Alfeld; 1. bull with unknown name, 2. Sudan, Douglas, and a fourth, bull with unknown name. All four are supposed to have died before end of 1965.

1964: Another 4 African bull elephants added, Timon, Daga, Dago, and Togo (later named Douglas, the bull who killed Chiara Gärtner at Circus Josef Gärtner).

1965-12-15: Loti (Lottie), arrived from Hannover Zoo (captive born 1964-09-24 in Hannover Zoo). 1974 to Circus Corty Althoff, no records after 1980.

1966: 3 elephants added; Belinda, Vicky, Pira (all 3 1976 to Giovanni Althoff).

1970-1973 arrival of another three elephants; Rani (from Hagenbecks Tierpark, later destiny unknown, assumed dead at Althoff), Babati and Sumatra (both latter 1974 to Circus Corty Althoff).

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