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bill king (kings performing elephants) 2010-02-28 sterling heights, Mi.:

Wow great site, a blast from the past. I grew up with 3 asian females, (tulsa, wanda, queenie), that were eventualy sold after my father was hurt by tulsa. I havent searched for them in 30 years. Sad to say only 1 survives in GA.

Lin 2010-02-28 Thailand:

Hello, In our elephant rescue park we have a newborn premature calf. It is to small to reach mother milk nipple. Who knows to compose good replacing mothermilk? Thank you very much. Please tell resource of your information.

tina 2010-02-19 tivat:

I am really glad to have come across your site. Yous posts give food for though and make us think about really important things.

Sue 2010-02-10 USA:

I just found this site. I think it is outstanding!! Can I ask here about 2 elephants that I am trying to locate that I cared for many years ago? I would love to know what became of them. Thanks

Sue 2010-02-10 USA:

I am trying to locate 2 elephants that I took care of many years ago. If anyone has any info I would love to find out what happened to them. 1. Gypsy - an Asian that was owned by Dave McMillan in the late 1970s and was at Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ, USA. I heard she was then sold to someone at Kings Dominion in Va, USA 2. Joalle, a baby African also from the late 1970's. She was at Pet A Pet Farm Park in Reston Va, USA. I don't know where she was sold or what happened to her either. I also probably spelled her name wrong. I would love to trace these 2 elephants and appreciate any info. Thanks

Betsy Eaton 2010-02-01 San Diego, Ca.:

The data base says that Tonga killed his trainer Morgan Berry in 1979 but under Buddha's cause of death it says he was killed because he possibly killed Morgan Berry. Do we know for sure if Morgan Berry was killed by either elephant?

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