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pettitt 2011-03-28 england:

I worked at Sir Robert Fossets circus as a teenager 30 years ago I remember Bobby really well, he was gentle and beautiful and I used to use my lunch money to but him treats and I am very sad to learn of his death in 2008. RIP Bobby :0( Just for the record I don't support animal circus' now.

Ruka 2011-03-21 San Diego, CA:

According to Fatal Attractions Okha came from a Boston dealer who had her six months after she was shipped from India. They claim she was a private owned elephant before the circus started. Congo escaped in 2009 and was hit by a car and that's how she lost her left tusk.

Ivan Huston Mohill Co Leitrim 2011-03-13 :

I love to see the elephant programme on BBC. I would love to visit ebersaile park Keep up the good work Ivan

Capt Gil Gordian.JR/ 2011-03-12 WCS/BRX ZOO,NY Retired/Active Former SR Keeper /Assistant Trainer @ WildlAsia:

Dan, Impressive web web-site. I am amazed at how much data has been collected over the years! I hope to contribute some day soon...

Harry Gibbins 2011-02-13 GB:

Hello I have up-to-date photographs of the following Asian Elephants from Chester Zoo: Upali Thai Maya Sithami Sundara Nayan Notnamed Please contact me if you are interested.

Tharindu Muthukumarana 2011-02-12 Sri Lanka:

As elephants lovers we should save elephants

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