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John Newburn 2009-04-05 :

Buckles got me started working with elephants in 1969 with James Bros Circus

Peg Nelson 2009-03-22 Orlando:

Today I got to meet Dondi and her wonderful family. Thank you all for a great day! Proud Air Force Mom...Peg Nelson

Kenny Belcher (Kenny New) 2009-03-14 Alvarado, Tx.:

Buckles, Working with you at Circus World in late 70's will always be a memory that i willalways look back on and smile. You will never know how much I Appreciate all I learned from you. Thanks again

Kassie 2009-03-13 The Netherlands:

I read a story about Circus StrassBurg. It is given that the Circus went by the name Mikkenie and is associated with Circus holiday. This is wrong, I know because I am family of Karel Strassburg. French Mikkenie was the Owner of Cicus Mikkenie, which he collaborated with Hans Martins, they were split up and continued with Hans Martins Circus Holiday, that nowadays the Russian State Circus. Also, Wilhelmine Sophia Eleonora 'Elly' Strassburg, never the owner of Circus Strassburg. After the death of Karl Strasburg, was the Circus of his daughter Rigina Strassburg. Rigina was 16 years and she could not run that Circus alone. Wilhelmine Sophia Eleonora 'Elly' Strasbourg Burger, the aunt of Rigina, she helped rigina to run that Circus. 1968, the Circus was not more. Rigina is married to Wolfgang Strong, running along the Zoo Hanovar.

Sandy 2009-03-09 Sandy:

My dad was an elephant training in the 1960's at the National Zoo in Washington. Do you have anything in the Archives. I know there were some pictures of him with the elephants.

Dion 2009-03-08 :

Does anyone know what happened to Suzy, Carson & Barnes long time elephant? She is the only elephant I ever worked with. Dion

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