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2010-10-19 lolo:

this site is realy great, I do love elephants and was so happy to find such a wonderful site, I just have a little question if anybody could answer me please;my dauther was feeding an elephant at the zoo and it touched her hand, the second day her hand got very red I wonder if this might be any kind of infiction?

caro24 2010-10-18 london:

Wondered if anyone could identify the elephant who was in an advertisement with me when I was a child. The ad was for Martins Bank and the date was about 1965. It was filmed at studios in Finchley Road, North London.

Jan 2010-09-30 :

My English is only basic. I was reading your first book about elefants - excelent. Your life is for many people only dream, especially for me. Your life work is fantastical

Ruka 2010-09-23 San Diego, CA:

Joyce at the Brookfield Zoo moved back to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom September 22nd.

nancy dempsey 2010-09-05 :

I have a childcare center and for the past 10 years we (children/parents and i) have been adopting an elephant from Riddles Elephant santuary every year.We have had a wonderful learning experience and stories to tell. We love when the news letters come!

Kris Hopkins 2010-08-28 State College, PA:

Thanks for this site. I used to be one of the elephant keepers for the Erie Zoological and Botanical Gardens in PA. Elephant Kate / Katie (stage name - Shani) passed away in 1995 - year before I left my employment there. Her GI tract just shut down over the period of a week and necropsy was inconclusive. She was either 11 or 12 years old at the time of her death. She was a beautiful elephant and loved very much! Here is a photo of Kate:!/photo.php?pid=6758172&fbid=481859734851&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=54384542596&id=712569851 I just found out from you site that our other elephant Martika / Tika who I had thought was in Cleveland is now in Columbus. Martika came to the Erie Zoo through FL trainer Alan Campbell (now deceased) and was there concurrent for the last few years of Kate's life. I am so glad to see Martika is with a large herd now in Colombus. Martika had good social skills and she will probably flourish in a large herd. Thanks again!

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