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Lynne Bell 2009-10-25 Iowa:

I was given your name by Robert Momyer. I have a number of elephant wardrobe pieces that I want to get a value on. They belonged to J. Sam Houston, independent showman. He and his daughter used these items for backdrop for their museum. Do you know anyone who can help me with this? I will be able to provide photos.

Elly Straatsburg 2009-10-21 Holland:

It was funny to read the story that(more or less) confirmed what my dad had told me years ago. He said he and my mother had named me 'Elly' (short for Elisabeth) because the owner of Circus Straatsburg (dutch for Strassburg) was called like that.

Ruka 2009-10-05 San Diego, CA:

Msholo from the Lowery Park Zoo, FL moved to the Wild Animal Park, CA On October 3, 2009. For those counting the Wild Animal Park now has 8 of the original 10 rescued from Africa in 2003.

Mike Tompkins 2009-10-05 Lutz, FL:

My father retired from RB back in 1950 and he, too, was in the movie The Greatest Show on Earth. He was in the band. How ironic is it that today Dalilah and I work together and have become very close friends? I was truely sad to hear about your son, Ben, and want you to know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and Prayers.

Astrid Davis 2009-09-14 France:

hello, this summer i was visiting a zoo in France La teste bassin de arcachon and i saw a elephant (max) and his foot didnt look good.can somebody tell me what's wrong with him?can somebody find out if its a old wound I want to know. I hope somebody can find out please let me know. I have also some pictures if you want to see them ask me. Merci Astrid

David Povey 2009-09-07 Sydney Australia:

My father brought 3 female and I male elephants from Port Sweetenham in Malaya to Genoa Italy in 1948/49; he was a merchant seaman on the Eumaeus. Story was they were going to Basel Zoo Switzerland. I have scanend phots, names were Annie, Fannie nannie and Danny - last a young smart male. He was concerned with their health when landing them and wonders if they survived further transport. Any ideas? Accompanying them were black panthers and a Gibbon monkey. Thanks - David.

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