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Kane 2010-08-26 :

Good elephant site! I liked reading about the elephants! Good elephants!

Stoney 2010-08-24 USA:

hi dan, i just read an article about the Jackson Zoo, and they mention an Elephant that they euthanized in 2003. Marrie is her name, or so the article says, But i cant locate her in your data base. You list the other two eles that they have (which i guess they are moving now), but you dont have her listed. Thanks for any info you may have.

mark schmitt 2010-08-13 asheville, n.c.:

hello...nice site. I'm the son of Manfred Schmitt (a grandson of Hugo Schmitt). Very good articles on both Hugo and Roman. Could you list myself and my sister, Debbie, as the kids of Manfred? Thankyou. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime. M.Schmitt

Timo 2010-08-06 Austria:

Numbi gave birth to a male calf at vienna zoo today

Larry Flinchpaugh 2010-07-03 St. Joseph, Missouri:

I met Obert, Dory and Kelly about 1946. My dad had sold animals to Obert while he owned an Animal Farm in Kirksville, Mo. Any time your circus came within 100 miles or so we would attend. I have found memories of eating in the cook tent with all the performers and watching the show from the band stand. My sister even rode on top of one of the elephants in the parade. Would you mind if I painted Al G Kelly Miller Brothers Circus on my 1923 Model T that I am building as an old circus wagon. If ok would you have any name Decals or clown decals I could use instead of having an artist create them from scratch. My wife and I enjoyed your show here in St. Joe last year. Thanks agin for the excellent seats. Larry Flinchpaugh age 71 Born 1939

Nancy 2010-07-03 Curry:

yard in Tipton County Tennessee yields fossil of mastodon-like species

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